Freedom Of Mind And Spirit.

An individual must strike a balance between ethics and morality. 

Morals are the expectations we have for each other as a social community. 

Ethics refers to what we tolerate in ourselves and/or each other as persons. 

There might be a significant difference in either way, since one person's ethics may be more strict than the morals of that community - or vice versa. 

Many faiths, both ancient and modern, have been used to control large groups of people, particularly when communication and access to outside influences are restricted. 

People in most societies are now considerably more willing (and legally competent) to change their religion, just like they would their car's transmission if it broke down. 

As a result, several religious organizations have had to reconsider how they communicate with and interact to their followers. 

They can no longer impose one set of ideas on a whole society without provoking negative reactions. 

If individuals cannot find the peace that their souls, minds, and bodies yearn for inside their own ‘family' religion, they will, no matter how painfully, abandon their faith and seek it elsewhere. 

People will seek for faiths, sects, and cults that pretend to accept them as they are now for that "feel good religiosity." 

They will frequently seek faiths that do not evaluate them as persons, but rather as humans with issues. 

The focus has shifted from: 

'I am a sinner seeking to achieve perfection' – implication: 'I'll never get there – it's impossible' 


'I am a perfect soul plagued by sin' – implication: 'I was there – I am now "fallen" – I can return'. 

Those who have been banned or banned from religious community will undoubtedly find this new method appealing. 

Those on a spiritual path should now be able to look at these difficulties through the lens of mental and spiritual liberation. 

Because we are no longer cognitively constrained by dogma, we can see that the priesthood does not need to offer a hotline to our chosen deity. 

Do you feel at odds with your own faith's teachings at this point in your spiritual journey? 

Interested in something less dogmatic and more personal?

That you'd want to learn more about inside your own religion? 

Exploring Spirituality isn't about switching to anything new. 

It's about reconnecting with the old whenever feasible and learning more about the mysterious forces that make you rethink whatever you think isn't meeting your spiritual needs. 

No one should judge you if you desire to pursue your faith on a deeper intellectual or spiritual level than the weekly service provides.

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