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Hinduism - Where Is The Lingaraja Temple In India?

The Gudimallam linga, the earliest known depiction of Shiva in this form, depicts him as both male and female, transcending the most fundamental defining characteristic of human identity.

The most prominent and largest of the temples in Bhubaneshvar, dedicated to the deity Shiva as Tribhuvaneshvar, the "Lord of the Three Worlds." The temple was constructed in the eleventh century C.E., and it represents the pinnacle of the Nagara architectural style's Orissan branch.

With shorter auxiliary structures running up to it, the temple construction culminates in a single, high peak point above the image of the temple's major deity.

The Lingaraja temple has all of the components of Orissan architecture, including a 120-foot-high beehive-shaped tower (deul), a dancing hall (natamandira), an entry hall (jagamohan), and an outside entrance hall (bhogamandapa).

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