KIRAN ATMA: Intense Leg Stretch
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Yoga Asanas For Stress Relief - Prasarita Padottanasana - Intense Leg Stretch

    Prasarita means "stretch out" in Sanskrit, while Pada means "foot or leg." This asana provides your legs a good stretch. 

    • In this position, the body is inverted and the head is resting on the floor, a block, or a bolster. 
    • This calming and restorative asana is typically done immediately before Salamba Sirsasana at the conclusion of the standing posture cycle. 
    • The asana cools the body and mind while providing a sense of calm and rest. 


    • Reduces sadness and increases self-assurance Soothes the sympathetic nervous system and the brain. 
    • The heart and lungs are energized. 
    • Blood pressure is reduced. 
    • Stress-related headaches, migraines, and tiredness are relieved. 
    • Tone the organs of the abdomen by neutralizing acidity, it relieves stomachaches. 
    • Lower back pain is relieved. 
    • Strengthens the knee joint while allowing the hip joint to move freely. 
    • Menstrual flow is regulated. 


    • This asana should not be held for more than one minute, particularly if you are a novice. 
    • To prevent dizziness, slowly exit the position if you have low blood pressure. 
    • While doing this position, do not tilt your head or squeeze your neck. 


    1 Stand in Tadasana on your hands and knees.

    • Place your thumbs on your back and your fingers on your hips' front. 
    • Take a deep breath and stretch your feet 4 feet (1.2 meters) apart. 
    • Your toes should point forward and your feet should be parallel to each other. 
    • Your feet's outside borders should be pressed on the floor. Maintain a straight back. 


    2 Exhale, bend forward, and raise both kneecaps at the same time.

    • Bring your torso down to the floor, aligning your spine. 
    • As you bend, look up to make sure your back is concave. 
    • Remove both hands from your hips and place them on the ground. 
    • With your fingers stretched out, place your hands flat on the floor. 


    3 On the floor, flex your palms and flatten your elbows. 

    • Place the top of your head between your hands on the floor. 

    • Draw your abdomen in and push your sternum forward. 

    • Reduce the strain on your head by moving your thighbones and groin back. 
    • Hold the position for one minute. 


    This prop assists individuals with stiff lower backs in achieving the final position more efficiently and without strain. 


    Head on Bolster 


    • Place a bolster on the floor between your feet with the flat end facing you. 
    • Steps 1, 2, and 3 of the primary asana should be followed. 
    • Place your crown in the middle of the bolster as you bend toward the floor. 
    • Maintain a relaxed head and neck. 
    • Shift your weight to your heels at this point. 
    • For 1 minute, stay in this position. 


    Head on Block PROPS 

    If you have a stiff spine and find it difficult to put your head on the floor, a WOODEN BLOCK may assist. 

    • Use the block until your back muscles and spine become more flexible. 
    • Variations 1 and 2 are more advanced variations. 


    • Place a wooden block on the floor in front of your feet, on its wide side. 
    • Steps 1, 2, and 3 of the primary asana should be followed. 
    • Place the top of your head on the block by bending forward. 
    • For 1 minute, stay in this position.

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