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Hinduism - Where Is The Nilakanth Pitha?


(“blue-throated”) Shiva's epithet; also the name of a Shiva manifestation ensconced in the Nilakanth Mahadev temple west of Rishikesh, Uttar Pradesh.

Shiva is represented at Nilakanth with a linga, a pillar-shaped item that symbolizes Shiva.

The legend behind this epithet (as well as the temple's foundation) is based on the story of Churning the Ocean of Milk.

The water is churned by gods and devils to generate amrta, the nectar of immortality regarded to be the ocean's best essence.

However, their actions generate not only the amrta, but also the halahala poison, which is the opposite of the amrta.

This is a potentially catastrophic occurrence; the poison is so potent that if left uncontrolled, it would kill the planet.

When this poison develops, the gods and demons are at a loss about how to deal with it.

Shiva neutralizes the poison by swallowing it, but the poison's potency is so strong that it turns his throat blue.

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