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Hinduism - Who Is Holika In Hindu Mythology?

In Hindu mythology, the demon-king Hiranyakashipu's evil sister.

Holika assists Hiranyakashipu in his attempt to assassinate his son Prahlada, who is a devout follower of the deity Vishnu (bhakta).

She can't be hurt by fire because of a heavenly ability.

Prahlada is tricked into sitting on her lap in a bonfire, expecting her to be unharmed while he dies.

Fortunately, Vishnu transfers Holika's power to Prahlada, and she is consumed by the fire while he remains unharmed.

The myth of Holika's burning serves as inspiration for the Holi festival's bonfires.

On a mythic level, the bonfire represents the triumph of good over evil; on a practical level, because the materials in the fire are supposed to be old and broken, the bonfire represents letting go of the previous year's baggage and beginning anew.


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