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Hinduism - Who Were The Pallava Or Pallavas?


Pallava Dynasty (6th–9th centuries).

Between the sixth and ninth centuries, this southern Indian dynasty reigned over most of the southern Indian peninsula, with its capital at Kanchipuram.

King Mahendravarman and his successors Narasimhavarman I and II were the greatest Pallava kings.

The burst of southern Indian culture under the Pallava dynasty was highlighted by the growth of Tamil literature, the devotional (bhakti) religious zeal of the Alvars and Nayanars, and the spectacular holy structures at Mahabalipuram.

The Pallava kingdom had a continuing battle with the Chalukya and Pandya dynasties for most of its life, but it was finally absorbed by the Chola dynasty, the next major southern Indian empire.

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~Kiran Atma

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