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Hinduism - Who Is Dadhichi?

In Hindu mythology,  is a sage who represents self-sacrifice. 

The gods (devas) and demons (supernatural entities) have been at odds for a long time, and neither side can win. 

Indra, the gods' monarch, eventually chooses to seek advise from Brahma, the deity of knowledge. 

Brahma tells Indra that if he gets a bone from Dadhichi's body, he can turn it into a demon-defeating weapon. 

Indra is understandably unsure that his request would be granted, but when he comes before Dadhichi, he not only grants his assent, but he also uses yogic abilities to swiftly vacate his body. 

Indra takes Dadhichi's bones and turns them into a weapon, which he uses to slay the demons. 

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