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Hinduism - What Are Ghosts And Their Reality In The Context Of Hindu Culture, Society, And Belief System?


 The reality of ghosts and spirits, particularly of persons who have died violent or untimely deaths, is widely accepted in popular Hindu culture.

Despite almost universal belief in reincarnation (samsara), it is widely acknowledged that the souls of those who have died such deaths stay around the places where they resided throughout their lifetimes.

Disturbances, disasters, or visions or dreams of family members are common ways for ghosts to manifest themselves.

After then, the family would take steps to pacify the spirit.

This is sometimes accomplished via the sponsorship of rites or ceremonies.

A family may even build a shrine for the spirit to live in.

These ghosts are said to have unfulfilled goals because they died before marrying or having children, or they began important projects that they were unable to complete.

People who have lived lengthy lives and accomplished all of humanity's primary objectives will not turn into ghosts.


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