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Hinduism - What Is The Gorakhshatakam And The Gorakhs? Who Is Gorakhnath?


Gorakhs ("The Hundred of Gorakh") Gorakhnath is credited with writing this text.

Although his authorship is unprovable, the teachings of the Nathpanthi ascetics, who claim to be his students, are constant.

The passage includes 101 verses in at least one of its variants, as translated by Briggs, rather than the 100 verses suggested by the title.

The Gorakhshatakam explains the form of yoga practiced by the Nathpanthi ascetics, in which the main theme is the polar opposites' unification.

It starts with a lesson on the subtle body's structure, which is an alternative physiological system that exists on a separate level of existence than coarse matter yet has certain similarities to the material body.

The subtle body is represented by a series of six psychic centers (chakras) that run nearly parallel to the spine.

The corporeal abodes of the two divine principles, Shiva (consciousness) and Shakti (power), are located above and below these centers (power).

The seeker aspires to awaken kundalini, a dormant spiritual force dwelling in the shakti, and bring it into connection with Shiva at the top of the head.

This practice's ultimate goal is to obtain mastery over the forces that impact one's body, enabling one to become cleansed and immortal.


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