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Hinduism - Who Is The Mother Goddess?

Durga ("impassable, inaccessible") - Although the word is commonly used as a more generic title for the Hindu Mother Goddess in her ferocious and strong form, it is a specific form of the Hindu Mother Goddess. 

Durga mounts a lion and wields the weapons of all the gods in her eight hands, as represented in art and paintings. 

Both of these characteristics match the description of the great goddess in the Devimahatmya, the oldest and most significant legendary literature utilized for Goddess worship as the highest celestial force. 

The Devimahatmya's second popular name, the Durgasaptashati ("The 700 [verses] on Durga"), emphasizes Durga's widespread association with this great Goddess. 

Durga is a significant goddess in the Hindu pantheon and current Hindu culture as a manifestation of the great Goddess. 

The eighth day of the lunar month in both the waxing and waning half is considered holy to her, and her rituals are performed on those days. 

The Nine Nights (Navaratri), which take place in both the spring and autumn, are her most significant festivities. 

Durga is revered in each of these festivals in one of her nine incarnations (Navadurga), one for each night. 

Durga is viewed as the incarnation of the Goddess in all her manifestations, as shown by the many goddesses as whom she is worshipped. 

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