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Hinduism And Hindu Theology - What Are Ancestral Spirits According To Hinduism?

Spirit of the Past (pitr) - This phrase is a translation of the word "fathers," and these ancestral spirits are seen as a collective group to whom every man owes obligations. 

  • One of these responsibilities is to conduct memorial ceremonies for them, such as the sapindikarana rite. 
  • The main goal of antiyeshthi samskara, like other funeral rituals (antyeshthi samskara), is to convert the recently dead and possibly evil spirit into a benevolent and helpful ancestor. 
  • Another responsibility is to produce boys so that the rituals may continue uninterrupted. 

  • Both of these are significant duties, and Hindu mythology is littered with stories of lifelong ascetics, such as Jaratkaru, who are chastised by their ancestors for failing to procreate. 
  • These spirits are well-defined and usually benign due to their steady ancestral position.

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