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Hinduism - What Is The Significance Of Cinnabar In Indian Alchemy?

Cinnabar is the common term for mercuric sulfide, which appears as red crystals or clusters. 

Cinnabar is significant in Indian alchemy, especially in the mercurial (dhatuvada) school, since it represents a chemical union of the two elements that symbolize the deity Shiva (mercury) and his wife, Shakti (sulfur). 

  • The universe, according to Hindu alchemy, is a succession of bipolar opposites in conflict with each other. 
  • It is possible to accomplish spiritual development and the cessation of rebirth by uniting these conflicting energies (samsara). 
  • This is accomplished in Hindu alchemy by physically ingesting different ingredients. 
  • Mercury is supposed to represent Shiva's sperm, while sulfur is Shakti's uterine blood in this instance; its combination and intake is thought to help the aspirant advance.