KIRAN ATMA: Enochian Magic
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Paganism & Wicca - What Is Enochian Magic?

Enochian Magic is an angelic magic system passed down to Dr. John Dee via the medium Edward Kelley.

  • Kelley made communication with angels who were apparently the same angels that interacted with Enoch in the Bible, thus the name. 
  • In 1581, Dee and Kelley were the first to decode the Enochian language, a heavenly speech. 

  • One of the first contemporary occultists to use the Enochian language was Aleister Crowley. He advocated for the use of magick by all witches in his book Magick in Theory and Practice. 
  • Donald Laycock's The Complete Enochian Dictionary: A Dictionary of the Angelic Language As Revealed to Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley has further information (Weiser Books, 2001). 

  • Aleister Crowley, John Dee, and Edward Kelley are all members of the HALL OF FAME.

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