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Herbs And Herbalism - Catechu

Catechu - Black Cutch/Kutch. 

In the sixteenth century, this plant was known as Cacho or Kat and was a popular export from India to China, Arabia, and Persia. 

  • It was brought to Europe from Japan in the seventeenth century. 
  • It wasn't until 1677 that the dark brown extract was identified as a vegetable component. 
  • It was listed in the 172nd edition of the London Pharmacopoeia. 

Description - 9-12 m tall; trunk short, not straight, 1.5-2 m in diameter; straggling thorny branches; light feathery leaves; rough, dark grey-brown bark; delicate yellow flowers Native to eastern India and Burma; prevalent in hotter, drier areas of Ceylon, Burmese plains, and tropical east African woods. 


  • Trees were felled and processed, not grown. 

Constituents Catechutannic acid has astringent properties. 

  • Quercetin, catechu red, and catechol are also present. 
  • (boiled and strained heartwood chip extract, resulting in a very dark brown solid mass) A powerful astringent that may be used as a gargle to treat irritated throat, gums, and mouth. 
  • Used to cure diarrhoea as well as ulcers and boils on the skin. 
  • Posts, heaters, and charcoal are all made of wood. 
  • Tannin and coloring with catechu and bark.

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