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‘The Irish words arn ree-ocht ‘ane mean "our own Druidism," which is exactly what the ADFi is: a totally separate neo-Pagan Druidism lineage.

ADF, like other neo-Pagan organizations, is made up of polytheistic nature worshippers who are trying to resurrect the finest elements of their ancestors' paleo-Pagan religions in a contemporary scientific, artistic, ecological, and holistic environment. 

The ADF believes in striving for excellence in all areas of life, including physical, intellectual, creative, and spiritual. 

The author who founded the group - Isaac Bonewits: (Real Magic, The Druid Chronicles Evolved, Authentic Thaumaturgy). 

The current Archdruid of the ADF is Kirk Thomas, and the ADF conducts study and builds on existing knowledge on the ancient Celts and other Indo-European peoples in attempt to recreate what the Old Religions of Europe were. 

They hone their creative abilities in composition, presentation, and design, as well as their ability to conduct competent magical and religious rituals, in order to transform themselves and the world around them.

Members of the ADF adopt the poly-theologies and practices of both Indo-European paleo-pagans and neopagan traditions that have developed in the past fifty years. 

The ADF is a non-sexist, non-racist, organic, and "open religion" that incorporates environmental awareness, alternative healing arts, and psychic growth into everyday activities. 

The ADF has groves of Druids, which are local congregations. 

Oak Leaves, a quarterly magazine published by the organization, announces ADF policy, local grove activities, talks and other appearances, and changes to the study curriculum. 

ADF's magazine was founded in January 1997 to fill the news-oriented duties of News From the Mother Grove and the article-oriented purposes of Druids' Progress, both of which have now been merged into Oak Leaves. 

The ADF thinks that neo-paganism will ultimately grow into a mainstream religion with tens of thousands of adherents. 

As a consequence, one of the organization's objectives is to educate neo-Pagan clergy in conducting successful magical and mundane activities to rescue endangered animals, halt polluters, and protect nature. 

Unlike many other types of neo-paganism, adherents see neo-paganism as a worldwide religion that affects social, political, and environmental conditions. 

This view contrasts sharply with that of many neo-Pagans, who see small groupings as their ideal. 

The ADF claims to have over 700 members, making it one of the biggest neo-Pagan Druid groups in the world. 

It is a nonprofit religious organization with legal standing in the United States. 

Regional gatherings take place all year, but particularly in the summer.