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Hinduism - What Is Considered Obscenity In Hindu Society?


With relation to sexuality, traditional Hindu culture might be described as straight-laced, even prudish; any public reference of sexuality is prohibited in polite society.

The exception is ritually sanctioned obscenity, which happens before and during the Holi festival, which takes place in March.

Most societal taboos are temporarily lifted during Holi, a "festival of reversal." Holi, which falls at the end of the lunar year, represents the end of time, when all rules and standards have vanished.

Many people have stopped celebrating Holi in public in recent years due to the looseness and criminality associated with it, particularly in cities.

Churning of the Ocean of Milk Famous mythological event in which gods and demons churned the Ocean of Milk to make nectar or immortality.

Also see Tortoise avatar.

~Kiran Atma

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