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Hinduism - Who Was Harsha Of The Pushyabhuti Dynasty In India?

 (r. 606–647) He was a member of the Pushyabhuti dynasty, whose capital was Kanyakubja in eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Harsha is often regarded as the greatest Pushyabhuti emperor; he ruled over a significant area of northern India and helped restore the Gupta dynasty's splendor (350–550).

Harsha's reign is extensively recorded historically, thanks in part to the Chinese pilgrim Hsuan Tsang, whose report provides significant insight into Indian society at the period.

Harsha was a capable and active king who devoted much of his final years to assessing the state of his empire.

He was also a well-educated and intellectual guy (he wrote three Sanskrit plays) whose court was frequented by notable literary people, like the dramatist Bana.

When he died without an heir, his empire swiftly disintegrated after his death.

Pushyabhuti dynasty is another name for Pushyabhuti dynasty. 

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