Another Wet Day

~Another Wet Day~

When you're fasting 
Allowing to be pulled in all directions
Flesh from bone, & Bone from Soul
When even violence has been taken away: still.
& No grave can hold treasures of a lasting Will 

E' does the daily ...sin cheat too? 
Until E's child is worn & tired of it all.
Yet we believe in peace... to hope
To fast, refined by an endless fire & a raging Spirit
Light, here we have, Oh sweet Light is what we need.
Lost our lives in a frozen and dark void, 
Time turns around to wait & start again. 
For in the penumbra of the Spirit, May Love illumine like the Sun
As the longing that lurks in my heart grows bold
Is when Grace comes knocking down my doors

Devoured by the intensity of a dusty desert,
Words that may quench my soul
An enchanting intoxication, a voracious Thirst,  
Plunging me deeper into deep rivers for another swallow
Is When the Heaven's pour down tears that Hallow

The sweetest love I will ever taste 
The season's end my flesh made whole by Her Waters 
With a rainstorm - in time 
May grace embrace these dampened Souls
As the morning dew is this beautiful wet rain that none can escape...

~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan