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Hinduism - Who Is Gauri? What Does Gauri Mean?

 (meaning "fair") The goddess Parvati, Shiva's wife, is given this name.

Parvati takes offense when Shiva refers to her as Kali ("black"), according to a narrative from the Shiva Purana, a sectarian literature chronicling Shiva's mythology.

She does arduous physical penances (tapas) in order to get the strength she needs to shed her black skin.

When this is done, she is given the name Gauri, which refers to her new, lighter complexion.

This narrative exemplifies the widespread religious idea that physical suffering may provide spiritual and even magical abilities, a concept that can still be found in modern India.

This short tale also depicts the stigma that persons with dark complexions face in Indian culture, a prejudice that still exists today. 

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