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Yoga Asana for the Hands: Side Crow

Complexity: Suitable for Intermediate Practitioners.

Duration: Not Applicable

When stretching your wrists and improving your balance, the side crow strengthens your core muscles.

This posture can be used by someone with a lower back or wrist injury once they are on the mend.

  1. Squatting is a good place to start. Turn your body to the right and put your hands flat on the deck, perpendicular to your feet, with fingers pointing away from your side, while keeping your knees facing upward. You should play with the distance between your hands and your body before you find the distance that fits best for you.
  2. Lift your fingers, splay them out, and place them on the earth, binding each one to the ground for their entire length. This will allow you to have complete control of your balance.
  3. Bend over your hands and allow your elbows to bend back into your body while you shift your weight to the right.
  4. Your right arm will protect the right side of your body, and your left upper arm will support your elbows.
  5. Continue to lean over, transferring your weight into your knees, until your body weight is completely supported. Your hip weight will rise on your shoulder, and you will be able to raise your feet off the floor.
  6. Maintain the forward torso angle until the limbs are parallel to the board. Allow your feet to rise off the ground, putting your whole weight on your arms.
  7. Take a deep breath.
  8. To get out of the side crow, reverse the process. Enable your feet to hit the ground while you lean backward. Allow them to bear the weight of your whole body before you are able to lift your hands from the floor and look straight ahead.
  9. Rep the method on the other hand.