KIRAN ATMA: Adhvaryum
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Hinduism And Hindu Theology - Who Is An Adhvaryum?

The Brahmana literature, one of the later strands of the holy text known as the Vedas, describes a kind of sacrifice priest. 

  • The Brahmanas mainly served as guides explaining how to execute sacrificial rites—which mostly included burning gifts in a holy fire—and the meticulousness with which these sacrifices were described, leading to the conclusion that they were the major religious activities. 
  • These rituals were so intricate that they needed ritual specialists such as the adhvaryum, hotr, udgatr, and brahman. 

The sacrificial priest, known as the adhvaryum, sang hymns from the Yajur Veda during the sacrifice. 

He was also in charge of setting up the holy altar, putting together the sacrifice supplies, kindling and fueling the sacred fire, and actually sacrificing the animals.

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