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Paganism & Wicca - What Is A Fetch?

A Fetch is a wraithlike ghost is frequently referred to as a "double," "doppelganger," or "shadow soul" in horror literature

  • The fetch is a human soul that may be taught to leave the body, travel, and return while the shaman is entranced, according to Nordic shamanism. 
  • The fetch appears literally, generally in the shape of a little bug or animal, such as flies, mice, butterflies, or cats, and is more than merely dream-journeying. 
  • The fetch might sometimes resemble the shaman's twin, thus the terms "double" and "shadow."
  • The fetch might represent an individual's animal soul, and the acquiring of many animal forms might constitute shamanic power exhibitions. 
  • Transformational fairy tales might be references to the fetch. 

ANIMALS: Nahual, Transformation; 

FAIRY TALES: Benandanti, Garaboncias, Kresnik, Táltos.

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