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Yogic Existence in the ASTRAL PLANES

One day on your spiritual journey, you will feel as though you have isolated yourself from the world, life and human community at large. 

Detached from your human body and psychological identity you will experience overwhelming joy mixed with dread, with joy stemming from the possession of a new light, astral body, and fear stemming from the fact that you will be entering a foreign, unseen plane. 

In the new plane, the new consciousness is very primitive at first. You will only experience a spinning, vibrating, small astral world of illumination of golden stars, objects, and beings, and you will only feel a light, airy body. You might feel as though you're floating in mid-air.

You will never fall, but the fresh experiences and emotions that come with subtlety are novel at first. It is unclear if you leave the body and remain. You are utterly oblivious of how you have detached yourself from the body. The fresh happiness is indescribable. You'll need to see and see it for yourself. When you return to body consciousness, you have a strong desire to reclaim the current consciousness and to stay in that state at all times. In the process of Sadhana, you can be able to go beyond body-consciousness once a month or so by chance, by repeated attempts. You will be able to leave the body at will and continue for a long time if you persevere with persistence and Yogic activities.

You will use your astral body to fly to any location you like and materialize there by drawing the requisite materials from Ahamkara or the universal storehouse.

To occultists and Yogis who understand the logic and thorough methodology of the various operations, the method is quite basic. Those that can work with the astral body can quickly do thought-reading, thought-transference, psychic healing, remote healing, and so on. Concentrated mental rays will pass through solid objects and fly for miles.

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