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Hinduism - Who Was Drupada In The Mahabharata?

Drupada is the ruler of the Panchala area and the father of Dhrshtadyumna and Draupadi in the Mahabharata, the second of the two major Hindu epics. 

Drupada's conflict with Drona, who was one of Drupada's fellow pupils, consumes most of his life. 

After their studies are completed, Drupada ascends to the throne and lives lavishly, whilst Drona is so destitute that he cannot even feed his family. 

Drona approaches Drupada for assistance, reminding him of their previous relationship. 

Drupada rejects him arrogantly, informing him that such relationships are irrelevant. 

Drona vows vengeance and demands Drupada's kingdom as his preceptor's fee after imparting the techniques of combat to the Pandavas and Kauravas, the two royal factions whose struggle for supremacy lies at the core of the Mahabharata (dakshina). 

Drona steals part of Drupada's kingdom when Drupada is vanquished, and Drupada vows vengeance. 

He makes a significant sacrifice in order to give birth to a son who would assassinate Drona. 

Dhrshtadyumna, who finally kills Drona, and Draupadi, who becomes the wife of all five Pandavas, are the two offspring that emerge from the sacrifice fire. 

During the Mahabharata battle, Drupada fights with his sons-in-law, the Pandavas. 

Drona finally kills him in combat, but his son Dhrshtadyumna avenges him by killing Drona. 

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