Samhain blessings


The Rest We Seek

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We bless you, Dear Mother
Loving & Loved.
We bless you, Dear Father
Our keeper of Heavens,
Seeds and Harvest.
As we bless each other
Brothers & Sisters, near & far.

May the beauty of this world
The endless love that created it
Be expressed though our lives
As a blessing to others

& As we reap this harvest
May we then find the rest we seek 
In your blossoming bosom
Now and always

May we love as you love
Deeply... time and time again
May we see this world 
& The light it holds 
Through your eyes this night.

Ushering in a Master of the Divine
Shaping this world among the infinite
May we meet you there,

As you meet us here 
halfway through the night
As the veil grows thin
& we look deep into your eyes
To see that unfading beauty within

We welcome your light
As you awaken our Souls
& blaze through the darkness(of this world)
Now & forever more

Blessed be!!!

~ Jai Krishna Ponnapan

☽☸☾ What is an Actor Warrior?


“I can truthfully say it was only the Group that gave me again what I experienced in my youth—a vision beyond personal success. A conception of the actor’s art as an expression of the highest human principals, the highest human aspirations. These are the values I brought my students as a teacher. For me they can never change. Those principals, those aspirations, will always remain for me the best, the surest, the only way for the actor.”

~ Stella Adler  On What is an Actor Warrior?

P.S ~ Something so deep, spiritual, organic and innate does not form overnight. It can not be manufactured, dramatized, taught or mimicked, but has to be cultivated and refined from deep within... over an Eternity.

Now in 2016, I have grown to understand and like this quote just as much,

 “There must be those among whom we can sit down and weep and still be counted as warriors.”  

~ Adrienne Rich


What is an Actor Warrior?


Actor Warriors understand their role as the voice of the people.

Actor Warriors use their craft and art in service to communities.

Actor Warriors recognize the power of craft to contribute to positive social transformation.

Actor Warriors write and perform powerful, socially relevant plays.

Actor Warriors empower themselves by creating their own work.

Actor Warriors seek for ways and means to make use of the industry without being used by the industry.

Actor Warriors refuse to be defined as an actor or a person by external forces such as money or status but rather by the richness of their humanity, creativity and sense of fulfillment.


In early 2013 Tom Oppenheim (Stella Adler Studio) and Teresa Eyring (Executive Director, Theater Communications Group) met and the idea of Actor Warrior was born.

The studio believes that the New York community and the theater community at large are ripe for a conversation about actors, art, craft, social engagement and service. Gone are the days of actors passively going to auditions and sending out headshots. Now is the time for actors to identify active ways that they can use craft to affect social transformation and/or create work with strong socially relevant themes.

In September 2013 Tom created a discussion moderated by Teresa with Lemon Andersen (County of Kings) and Michael Milligan (Mercy Killers). This occasion provided the first public forum for the Actor Warrior conversation. In January 2014, in collaboration with The Working Theater, the studio provided a platform to continue the discussion. Teresa moderated a discussion with Heather Raffo (9 Parts of Desire), Lisa Ramirez (Exit Cuckoo) and Michael Milligan.

The studio is interested in continuing the Actor Warrior discussion and turning it into a movement. 

The studio aims to continue the vital discussion that began in 2013 and invite more artists and audiences into the discussion through a series of performances, talks and events.


A Beautiful Moon-rise

Dedicating this to...

'A Beautiful Moon-rise... '


True & just my Lady fair
Her beauty does unfold tonight
As secret whispers part Her lips
Her Mysteries wait to kiss our hearts

Charging high atop the clouds
Before our Goddess shining bright
...We dance around making sound!
With Circles left open... that stay unbroken
Her love and praises guard it this night

Lovely, round, bright, & sound
Dearest Full Moon shine your beauty down
& Wrap us warm in your silken gown

Love to you, My Dear Mother Moon
Guide us, & Nourish us
With your gentle rays

Goddess of mine, 
Goddess of yours
Goddess of ours...

Blessed be!!!

~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan