Sunday, October 30, 2016

Samhain blessings


The Rest We Seek

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We bless you, Dear Mother
Loving & Loved.
We bless you, Dear Father
Our keeper of Heavens,
Seeds and Harvest.
As we bless each other
Brothers & Sisters, near & far.

May the beauty of this world
The endless love that created it
Be expressed though our lives
As a blessing to others

& As we reap this harvest
May we then find the rest we seek 
In your blossoming bosom
Now and always

May we love as you love
Deeply... time and time again
May we see this world 
& The light it holds 
Through your eyes this night.

Ushering in a Master of the Divine
Shaping this world among the infinite
May we meet you there,

As you meet us here 
halfway through the night
As the veil grows thin
& we look deep into your eyes
To see that unfading beauty within

We welcome your light
As you awaken our Souls
& blaze through the darkness(of this world)
Now & forever more

Blessed be!!!

~ Jai Krishna Ponnapan

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