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Hinduism And Hindu Theology - Who Was Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar?

Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar (1891–1956) was an Indian thinker, writer, and social activist whose worldview was shaped by his origins as a Mahar, a caste of untouchables in Maharashtra. 

  • Bhim Rao earned a B.A. in Bombay, an M.A. and Ph.D. from Columbia University in New York City, and a D.Sc. from London University when his father joined the British army. 
  • He also passed the bar exam in the United Kingdom. 
  • Through political lobbying and social action, Ambedkar devoted his life battling for the rights of the untouchable castes. 

  • Untouchables were granted their own electorate as a minority group in 1932, thanks to his efforts. 
  • Mohandas Gandhi was bitterly opposed to removing untouchables from the larger Hindu body politic and began a fast unto death. 
  • Ambedkar eventually gave up, but he believed for the rest of his life that Gandhi had exploited the untouchables as pawns in India's political battles with Britain. 
  • Ambedkar argued that there was no practical difference between Gandhi's methods and conventional caste Hinduism for untouchables since, without actual political power, they were forced to depend on the "goodwill" of Hindus to meet their requirements. 

Although Ambedkar played a significant part in the creation of the Republic of India, including being asked to write its constitution, he was still concerned about socioeconomic injustice. 

To escape the caste system, he and many of his followers officially converted to Buddhism in 1956. 

These "neo-Buddhists" still exist, and their militancy makes them a significant group despite their modest numbers.

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