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Hinduism - What Is Vira Or The Tantric "Hero"?


The Vira or "hero” is one of the ritual expression modes used in tantra, a secret, ritual-based religious practice.

The tantric "hero" is said to be someone who not only consumes the Five Forbidden Things (panchamakara) in their purest form, but also uses this inversion of normal moral rules to affirm the ultimate unity of all things in the universe.

Aspirants who adopt a heroic mode frequently worship a powerful but dangerous deity, with the ultimate affirmation of this unity being the affirmation of one's identity with that deity.

If one succeeds, various powers are said to be conferred, but if one fails, illness, insanity, or death are said to result.

This isn't a risk-free path, but it gets the heroes to their desired destination quickly.

~Kiran Atma

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