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Hinduism - What Is A Gopuram In Hindu Temple Architecture?

Gopurams are magnificent temple entrances in the middle of the temple's outer walls in the Dravida style of temple architecture, which was mostly dominant in southern India.

Temples created in the Dravida style are typically shorter than temples erected in the northern Indian Nagara style, but they make up for it by sprawling over large areas and establishing cities in their own right.

There are normally four gopurams, one for each of the cardinal directions; in some instances, these gopurams are 10 storeys tall and visible from miles away.

The gopurams were originally designed as defensive entrances to limit entry to the temple, but they now serve a more aesthetic purpose.

Gopurams make a statement about the authority of the resident deities (and their client kings) by dominating the skyline surrounding the temple, much like the spires of Gothic cathedrals; they have also served to educate the devout, since they are generally adorned with sculptures depicting mythical subjects. 

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