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Hinduism - Who Is Surasa In Hindu Mythology?


Surasa is the mother of all the Nagas, a class of lesser divinities who take the shape of serpents in Hindu mythology.

Surasa assumes the shape of a monstrous snake in the Ramayana, the older of the two major Indian epics, to test the fortitude of the monkey-god Hanuman, who leaps across the sea to Lanka in quest of Sita, the deity Rama's kidnapped wife.

Surasa informs Hanuman that no one can pass through her mouth without going through her mouth, and Hanuman responds by becoming bigger and larger.

Surasa's jaws spread wider and wider, and Hanuman shrinks to the point where he darts in and out of her mouth.

Surasa, impressed by Hanuman's cleverness and bravery, bestows her blessing on him.

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