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Hinduism - What Are The Astrological Influences OF Monday Or Moon-Day Or Somavar In Jyotisha?

(Somavar) The second day of the Hindu week, with the moon as the ruling planet.

Coolness, healing power, and the Vedic god Soma are all connected with the moon.

Somnath, the Lord of the Moon, is a manifestation of the Hindu deity Shiva.

Monday is regarded as one of the week's most powerful and fortunate days.

Worship on particular Mondays, such as a Somavati Amavasya (a new moon occurring on a Monday) and Mondays in Shravan, is said to provide even higher religious blessings (a lunar month specially dedicated to Shiva).

On sixteen consecutive Mondays, the Sixteen Mondays Vow (Solah Somvar Vrat) is performed.

The Solah Somvar Vrat, like other similar vows, requires reciting the vow's charter myth in a ceremonial setting, as well as devotion and a strict diet.

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