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Hinduism - Who Is Avahana Akhar?

The name of a renunciant ascetic sect of the Dashanami Sanyasis belonging to the Naga class of the Dashanami Sanyasis. 

  • The Dashanami Nagas are Shiva worshippers who are organized into akharas, or regiments, similar to an army. 
  • The Nagas' main profession until the beginning of the nineteenth century was as mercenary warriors, but they also had significant trade interests; both of these vocations have virtually vanished in modern times. 
  • The Avahana akhara is one of the seven major Dashanami Naga akharas, although it is considered a subsidiary of the Juna akhara for organizational reasons. 
  • Its name, which means "summons," is said to derive from the fact that it was the first organized ascetic organization, established in response to the philosopher Shankaracharya's appeal to revive Hindu society.

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