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Yoga Preparation

Yoga poses do much more than just a physical exercise. Character is developed by performing them.

Face your worries and obstacles outside of your comfort zone with a sense of cool, calmness, and psychological equanimity, and you'll be able to transcend your perceived shortcomings.

Every yoga posture, in my opinion, should be seen as a physical prayer. Reflect on what's good in your life when doing the pose, and be grateful for it. 

In this state of grace, being at one with your mind and body makes you overcome the self, bringing you closer to the universal objective of meditation, liberation.

Cues for Universal Alignment

  • Bandhas of mula and uddhiyana should be included.
  • Throughout the yoga practise, use the ujjayi breath and maintain deep conscious breathing. If you're having trouble breathing, take a breather.
  • Maintain an open chest and shoulder blades down the back.
  • On the inhale, lengthen the body and limbs; on the exhale, intensify the posture.
  • During the poses that are built on flexibility, avoid jerky and uncontrolled motions.
  • Your hips should be squared.
  • When doing some kind of lunge, don't let your knee go past your ankle.
  • Shoulders should be slightly above the fingertips in Plank and the rest of arm balances.
  • Even if you're an intermediate or advanced lifter, start with the beginner modifications to ensure proper shape and warm up the targeted muscle.

Cues for Universal Flexibility

  • Maintain versatility for at least 30 to 90 seconds.
  • Without straining, stretch to the limit of comfort and pleasure.
  • Don't overstretch to the point of pain; the muscles will contract to shield themselves, reducing your endurance.