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Paganism & Wicca - What Is A Grabancijas Or Garaboncias?

Grabancijas is Southern Slav), and Garaboncias is Hungarian.

This word originates from Italian: necromancia and evolved into nigromancia, which was then perverted into gramanzia, and finally to these present forms. 

  • Both terms allude to the same thing: a supernatural creature born as an amazing wonder-child who learns and uses magic via shamanic trance. 
    • Because he is born with teeth and/or an additional finger, the child's fate is foreshadowed from birth. 
    • The boy, in his seventh or fourteenth year, must face a mystical foe in the guise of a bull. You won't have to look for this opponent; it'll find you.

  • While in a shamanic trance, you may gain magical power by levitating. 
  • The garaboncias is a traveler carrying a magical black book, according to legend. 
    • When he wants to ride in the skies, he raises snakes that turn into dragons. 
    • The garaboncias has a strong desire for dairy products. 
    • He utilizes his abilities to reward good deeds and punish bad deeds. 
    • Using his magic staff or a mirror, the garaboncias may discover riches, stolen or missing things, animals, or humans. Táltos is another name for Táltos.

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