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Hinduism - What Does Jutha Mean? When Is A Jutha Meal Tainted And Ritually Unclean And When Is It Allowed In Hinduism?

Jutha refers to any meal that has come into touch with saliva in its broadest definition.

Such interaction is said to make the food unclean and unsuitable for consumption by others.

Because eating is traditionally done with one's fingers, any food left on one's plate after one has started eating is deemed tainted by association, even if it has not yet been eaten.

Saliva, like other human fluids, is seen as especially unclean, as a substance that “imprints” food with the personality of the person who consumes it.

Eating meals from the same plate shows great closeness and is most usually done by husband and wife, although it may also be done by extremely close friends.

Eating another person's leftovers, on the other hand, is a sign of extreme social status disparity—it is only done by the poor, by disciples as a sign of devotion to their guru or religious leader, or by devotees (bhakta) receiving prasad or sanctified food, the vehicle for grace from their chosen deity.


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