When I Saw You Near...


Lady Moon bright and serene,

Lend us your blessings,

Let your light surround us.

Surround us Goddess,

Surround us with your Love. .



~When I Saw You Near...~ .
Oh, ascendant Moon

When I saw you there

Resplendent flare, waxed gibbous

In the shadow of my setting star 
The woods are burning

Earth tide is turning

When I saw you near

In the shadow of the setting Sunlight

I couldn't resist your tender.. silver... kiss

Tears of pearls like the silent drift

Of petals and love from some magic rose;

When I saw you near

I'm glad to make you & my shadow into friends

You look so beautiful

Three in one I know we'll meet again & You'll look so beautiful

Shown affection by 
The cool breeze of the night

You'll look so beautiful

With every valiant step you take

Wear the dusk as your armor

The moment my heart got a grip of you

You can't hide from me that heart so pure

The sweet soft kiss of those Silver lips

Dear Moon, full and bright

Drive those tides insane tonight

When I see you near

Show me things like.. witnessing 
The beauty of this universe 
All at once in your eyes

Dear lustrous orb of silver light

Cloudy skies for weeks have veiled 
Thy brilliance from my eyes

But tonight I see thy glowing face 
Cool breeze caressed by your Silver rays 
Once more as in the past

I bask and bathe ripe in moonlight 
Watching Shadows play upon the grass. & You look so beautiful

Tonight, When I sleep neath your magic light 
Inside your lunar womb

The fragrant breeze of your memory 
Gathers the sweetest taste

Oh lustrous orb of silver light

As ripe and real 
As the memories we made

Let your moonbeams touch my soul & You shall look so beautiful and whole again... .
~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan .