The World Bodypainting Festival 2022 was held from 21.07.2022 - 23.07.2022 at Klagenfurt, Austria, Europahaus Klagenfurt.

    What Is The World Bodypainting Festival 2022?

    The World Bodypainting Festival, a competition for the greatest bodypainters in the world, brings artists from across the world to Klagenfurt, where they will do their utmost to entertain and astound spectators. 

    All visitors to the Body paint City open-air art park enjoy a unique experience that combines high-quality art with music and performances.

    Who Are The World Bodypainting Festival 2022 Attendees And Exhibitors?

    The exhibitor will display their work throughout the entire week, including the annual photo contest, breath-taking body art, music performances by artists like Gentleman, Madcon, and Lost Frequencies that will live on in the memories of thousands of people, a wide range of workshops, and records of participants. 

    Body Circus, is the main side event the week before the World Bodypainting Festival, is a must-see. 

    It has hundreds of artists from 50 different countries, as well as a music lineup chock full of talented musicians, including 50 additional bands and Djs.

    World Body Painting Festival 2022 Winners.

    Congratulation to the winners of the World Award, Face painting 2022, sponsored by @officialsnazaroo.

    These are the new face painting WORLD CHAMPIONS:

    1. Austria's Nadja Hluchovsky took first place.
    2. Mexican face painter Damayanti Garcia took second place.
    3. Poland's Wiktoria Wdzicha took third place.

    World Body Painting Festival 2022 Special Awards

    Congratulations to all three of the World Body Painting Festival 2022 Special Award: Commercial Rich given by Kodi Professional winners!

    1. Olena Semenets won first place (Ukraine)
    2. Jasmiina Walters came in second (Finland)
    3. Tanya Potapchuk, third (Ukraine)

    Camouflage Bodypainting Awards 2022

    The following world champions we can present to you are illusionists:

    Congratulations to the following individuals who won World Awards: Camouflage Bodypainting 2022 given by @baseformula

    1. Olena Sements (Ukraine), 
    2. Martina Ghin (Italy), and 
    3. Vilija Vitkute  ( Sweden)

    Airbrush Award Winners

    The 2022 World Bodypainting Festival World Airbrush Award winners are: provided by @kryolanofficial, 

    1. Alla Krasnova (Italy)
    2. Kim Jinra (Korea), and 
    3. Veronica Bottigliero Weronique  (Italy)

    Brush & Sponge Awards

    The top 3 positions in the category of "Brush & Sponge" with the new World Champion are shown off by @kryolanofficial.

    1. The winner is SANATAN DINDA (India)
    2. Silke Kirchhoff came in second (Germany)
    3. Francesca Cavicchio came in third (Itlay)

    World Bodypainting Festival 2022 Finale

    Reviewing the main day of the Klagenfurt World Bodypainting Festival in 2022. See our top-notch paintings using Camouflage, SFX, and Brush/Sponge techniques.

    Day two of the 2022 World Bodypainting Festival

    We now have more winners as well as some incredible singers, including #mathea, #esthergraf, and #ianjules. Additional Black Tape Content just for you.

    At the 2022 World Bodypainting Festival, The Black Tape Project

    We understand that you can't get enough of these lovely tape girls since we too can't. The Black Tape Show has some more action, so here it is.

    The World Bodypainting Festival team from 2022. 

    View the World Bodypainting Festival's backstage area. There are many wonderful folks employed here that make this fantastic event possible.

    World Bodypainting Festival 2022's Day 1