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Hinduism - What Is Indira Ekadashi?


Indira Ekadashi is the eleventh day (ekadashi) of the dark (waning) half of the lunar month of Ashvin (September–October) falls on this day.

This, like other eleventh-day observances, is dedicated to the worship of Vishnu in his avatar as the Shalagram on this day.

Most Hindu holidays follow a set of rituals, which generally include fasting (upavasa) and prayer, and offer particular blessings.

This ekadashi occurs during the pitrpaksha, the fortnight devoted to the ancestors, and it is thought that diligently honoring this festival day would result in the rescue of millions of one's forefathers from bad incarnations and their rebirth in paradise.

The name "Indira" is an epithet of Vishnu's bride, Lakshmi. 

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