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Hinduism - What Is Manvantara In Hindu Cosmology?


An instance/unit of cosmic time, Manvantara is the name of a civilizational era.

Traditional thought is that time has no origin or conclusion, but instead alternates between cycles of creation and activity, followed by cessation and quietude.

Each of these cycles lasts 4.32 billion years, with the active period known as Brahma's Day and the tranquil phase known as Brahma's Night.

Each Day of Brahma is split into fourteen equal eras, each controlled by one of the fourteen Manus, in one instance of cosmic time.

Manus are revered as the earth's sovereigns and are said to be semidivine creatures who are the forefathers of the human species.

We are now in the seventh age, with seven more to follow.

Vishnu, in the shape of the Fish avatar, rescued the Manu of this era, Vaivasvata, from pralaya (universal annihilation).

Vaivasvata is considered the Solar Line of Kings' progenitor.

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