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Hinduism - Who Was Chandidas?




Bengali poet and devotee (bhakta) of the deity Krishna (15th century C.E.). 

Chandidas utilizes Sanskrit love poetry traditions to convey devotion to Krishna in his works, most frequently via the character of Radha as Krishna's favorite follower and lover. 

His lyrics are still sung in Bengal, and he was adored by Chaitanya, the Bengali devotee who founded the Gaudiya Vaishnava religious group, according to legend. 

Despite his poetry's enduring popularity, nothing is known about Chandidas' personal life. 

A Bengali poet of the Sahajiya sect, who composed many centuries after the original Chandidas and whose poetry is clearly differentiated by ideological differences, adopted the same name. 

Edward C. Dimock Jr. and Denise Levertov (trans. ), In Praise of Krishna, 1981, contains excerpts from Chandidas' poetry. 

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