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Paganism & Wicca - Who Is A Witch-Doctor?

Originally, this word referred to a magical practitioner capable of counteracting evil magic. 

Doctor is a respectful title given to magical practitioners in the African-American community and in white cultures who have been inspired by their practices. 

  • Doctor is not just a respectable title, but it also denotes a healer, since curses and hexes are thought to appear as physical diseases in many cultures, which are difficult to treat with traditional medicine. 
  • The target's body is really injected with harmful chemicals (either by magical or actual physical methods). 
  • The witch-doctor must eliminate these toxic elements in order to heal the patient. 

Although the name "witch-doctor" has become a derogatory word for shamans and traditional healers, some contemporary magical practitioners (such as author Draja Mickaharic) accept it. 

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