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Hinduism - Who Is Nachiketas In Hindu Mythology?


In the Kathka Upanishad, a speculative philosophical work regarded one of the later upanishads, a main character.

Nachiketas, the little kid in the narrative, is a seeker of ultimate knowledge.

Nachiketas dutifully travels to the home of Death to offer himself up after his father curses him to be brought to Death in a fit of rage.

He stands at Death's door for three days, but gets no welcome since he is a brahmin visitor.

When Death reappears, he is horrified to see that his visitor has been ignored.

To make amends, Death bestows three boons to Nachiketas.

Nachiketas' first two goals are to reunite with his father and to comprehend the significance of a certain sacrifice ceremony.

With the last boon, he inquires as to what happens to a person once the body dies.

Death initially attempts to avoid answering the question, then offers Nachiketas additional gifts in exchange for his silence.

Death starts to divulge his secrets when the youngster remains solid in his commitment.

The majority of the book is made up of this dis course.

The actuality of the Self (atman), its everlasting and indestructible nature, and the difficulties in genuinely comprehending it are the key themes of Death's mysteries.

The Self is depicted as the ultimate truth, and to understand it is to understand the only thing that counts.

~Kiran Atma

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