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Hinduism - What Is A Nibandha?


 ("collection”) In medieval northern India, a kind of themed commentarial writing developed popular.

The nibandhas were Hindu lore compendia in which the compilers gathered samples from the Vedas, dharma literature, puranas, and other authorized religious works on a certain issue and then assembled them into a single organized volume.

Excerpts from these same authoritative books would be gathered into a separate volume on a different subject, and so on.

Compilers would often have to reconcile contradictory passages or decide which paragraph was more important than another.

The Purva Mimamsa philosophical school, one of the six schools of ancient Hindu philosophy, devised criteria for textual interpretation.

These guidelines were initially devised for understanding the Vedas, the oldest and most authoritative Hindu religious writings, by the Purva Mimamsa school.

In many instances, the nibandhas were fifteen to twenty volumes long, seeking to cover every aspect of Hindu religious life.

The Kalpataru, compiled by Lakshmidhara in the twelfth century, and the Viramitrodaya, produced by Mitra Mishra early in the seventeenth century, are two of the most significant nibandhas.

~Kiran Atma

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