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Hinduism - Who Is Vidura In Hindu Mythology?


He is the son of sage Vyasa and Queen Ambika's maid servant.

Vidura, according to tradition, is a partial incarnation of Dharma, the deity who personifies justice.

In his contacts with the Pandavas and Kauravas, the epic's two warring factions, Vidura constantly demonstrates his justice.

As the Kauravas grow more evil, he gravitates toward the Pandavas, whom he serves as a trustworthy and loyal counsel.

Vidura is the one who recognizes the danger in the House of Lac, which is made solely of extremely flammable materials, and makes plans for the Pandavas to flee.

He stays neutral throughout the Mahabharata battle, but once it is finished, he returns to serve as an advisor to King Yudhishthira, the oldest of the Pandavas, and Yudhishthira's siblings.

~Kiran Atma

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