Hinduism - What Is The House of Lac In The Mahabharata?

This is one of the stratagems used by Duryodhana, the epic's antagonist, to murder the five Pandava brothers, who are his cousins and the epic's heroes, in the Mahabharata, the later of the two major Hindu epics.

Duryodhana constructs a splendid palace for the Pandavas without informing them that it is entirely made of lac, a potentially combustible element.

Duryodhana has his servants set the palace on fire after the Pandavas have settled in, in an attempt to burn them alive.

The Pandavas are spared thanks to their uncle Vidura's foresight, who not only warns them about the danger, but also builds an underground passage and a tunnel to transport them far away without being detected.

When the house is set on fire, the Pandavas flee down the tunnel and are safe from Duryodhana for a while since they are thought to have perished in the fire. 

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