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Hinduism And Hindu Theology - What Is Abhisheka?

Abhisheka (“anointing”) is a Sanskrit word that means “to anoint.” 

  • During worship, ritual washing (snana) or anointing with water, especially of the figure of a god. 
  • This phrase originally referred to the ceremonial anointing of a monarch during his coronation (rajabhiseka). 

In modern times, the term can also refer to anointing or sprinkling people with water during religious or life cycle rituals, particularly rites of initiation (diksha) involving a change of status for the initiate—

  • such as the transition from householder to initiated ascetic or, 
  • in the tantric ritual tradition, 
  • an initiation bestowing certain ritual and religious qualifications (adhikara). 

In all instances, the anointing is meant to honor the initiate, conjure up ideas of regal crowning, and convey the significance of the event.

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