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Hinduism - Who Is Goddess Minakshi In The Hindu Pantheon?


Minakshi (meaning "fish-eyed") is a Sanskrit word that means "fish-eyed." Minakshi is the presiding goddess of the Minakshi temple in Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

Her name alludes to her eyes' form (long and oval) as well as their fluttering movement, both of which are considered feminine beauty features in ancient India.

Minakshi was formerly a local divinity who served as the city's protector.

Minakshi grew in importance as Madurai grew in importance as the capital of the Pandya kingdom.

Minakshi is born with three breasts, which is already a clue that she is odd, and is nurtured by her parents as a male, according to her charter myth.

She swears that she would only marry a man who can beat her in war when she ascends to the throne in Madurai.

She battles and defeats all of the earth's rulers, but when she approaches the deity Shiva, she is overcome with modesty and turned from a fierce warrior to a meek and bashful girl.

Her third breast vanishes at this point, signaling the end of her unique status.

Minakshi and Shiva (in his Sundareshvara incarnation) get wedded.

Every year at the Chittirai festival in Madurai, their wedding is commemorated.

Minakshi remains a peculiar goddess, despite her metamorphosis in the charter tale.

A goddess's wedding generally signifies her domestication and servitude to her spouse.

Minakshi, on the other hand, is still the most significant goddess in Madurai, maybe due to her past role as the city's guardian deity.

Dean David Shulman, Tamil Temple Myths, 1980, has further information.

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