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Hinduism - Who Was Kshemaraja?


(11th c.) Kshemaraja was Abhinavagupta's major follower and a significant figure in the development of Trika Shaivism.

Abhinavagupta was a Kashmiri writer notable for his writings on poetics and aesthetics.

Trika Shaivism claims that the deity Shiva, who is both supreme god and the source of the ema nations that make up the universe's substance, is the only actual reality, according to tantric philosophy.

The process of "recognition" (pratyabhijna), in which one recognizes that the whole cosmos is a manifestation of Shiva alone, leads to final soul emancipation (moksha).

Here, one “recognizes” something that has always been true, but has been concealed by a misunderstanding up until that point.

Kshemaraja continued to work on the Trika school's growth.

The Svacchandatantra is his most renowned work.

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