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Paganism & Wicca - Who Are The Valkyrie?

In Norse mythology, the term "Valkyrie" refers to female warrior spirits commanded by Freya, and they are also known as "Odin's daughters." 

  • Valkyries battled on the backs of wolves and might change into ravens or swans. 
  • A Christian preacher reprimanded England in the early eleventh century for the growth of "wiccan" and "waelcryrian," which in contemporary English translates "male witches" and "Valkyries." 
  • These Valkyries were not spirit-maidens, but the female equivalents of male witches: real women who practiced magical skills and followed Pagan customs. 
  • Valkyrie may also refer to a Freya priestess. 

DIVINE WITCH: Freya, Odin 

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