To Listen, is To Receive

Shuka, Valmiki, and Narada, for example, all attained spiritual enlightenment through Self-Knowledge. Listening to spiritual teachings and meditating on it can help you achieve that high status. It is necessary to practice according to what has been heard. Self-Knowledge is only possible after that. 

Through listening and meditation, only those who are not drawn to the world's things may achieve Self-Knowledge. 

It is not possible to produce a sweet meal merely by explaining it orally. You must first prepare it before you can consume it. Then and only then does one receive the advantage. The goal of self-study is to maintain a state of (being in) union with oneself, or one's True Nature (Swaroopa). No one becomes a sage simply by donning the renunciate's crimson or saffron robes. What you listen to should be accepted by your mind. 

The mind must be receptive to what it hears. 

The mind's focus should be as smooth and consistent as a fine thin trickle of oil flowing from one pot to another. Because you cannot recall what is written, you must read it again and again. Because of this forgetting, you are unable to realize your union with the Self. 

Everyone relies on the wind to construct their homes. They construct castles in the sky. Everything happens in the world because of the "word." The notion of a tall building is first discussed in great detail, and then the structure is constructed. Only by words can someone who is ignorant become wise. 

How can you listen if you can't hear what's being said? 

It's like trying to educate a buffalo to drink water. The entire amount of water is squandered. This is due to the fact that your attention is fixed on items and does not drift away from them. If it frees itself, the work is over, and you have attained Brahman status. 

Your "Being" should be Brahman at all times. 

Each of the five ingredients is delicately blended with the others. 

They contain the Self (Atman), yet it is distant. Although all of the dwellings are made entirely of dirt, their form and owners differ. 

Similarly, despite the fact that humans are numerous, the Inner-Self in all (God) and the Wind are one. However, there is a force that claims to be "I." That element is untrue. It isn't required to be present. You will experience grief if you isolate yourself and grow proud of it. 

The mind is drawn to sense things and identifies with thoughts, thus listening becomes fruitless (subtle objects). 

Because our attention is drawn to sense-objects, gaining "Knowledge of Brahman" (Brahmavidya) is difficult. 

If you enjoy listening to spiritual teachings, it appears that something is lacking if you do not have the opportunity to do so. Consistently good company affects the mind's temperament. 

Day and night, one should be pondering and reflecting on the spiritual teachings they have received. 

Talk about it and listen to it, but putting the wonderful advice you've heard into practice is even more crucial. 

The act of just listening to the lecture is not very significant. It is necessary to have firsthand experience of what is being suggested and to feel connected to it. If one can achieve this, he will have attained all spiritual capabilities (Siddhis). 

What does it mean to be endowed with spiritual abilities? 

This implies that one naturally obtains all of life's pleasures and conveniences. This happens because he has no desire. Everyone insists on receiving something in exchange for whatever they provide. 

Don't be carried away by the yearning for wealth. You must retain desirelessness in order to be of the "Brahman Nature."

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